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Submission Guidelines

The Dracula Chronicle website is a forum to allow scholars, researchers, and authors at any stage in their career to share their ideas and their work on a wide range of topics relating not only to Dracula studies, but the history and culture of Eastern Europe in general. We welcome submissions in a variety of formats, including, but not limited to: scholarly studies; book reviews and presentations; video presentations; and conference reports. Any blog submissions or queries should be sent to info@draculachronicle.com .

We have a very limited number of criteria for blog submission because we want to encourage the free-flow and communication of ideas among our contributors and readers. We do, however, ask that your submission be:

  • Between 500 and 1500 words long (including references);
  • Not published elsewhere, or in consideration for publication elsewhere;
  • Written in English;
  • Within the general scope of interest of the Dracula Chronicle;
  • Please include at least one illustration which you have the right to publish or is public domain material with your submission, preferably in .jpg format.

Formatting Guidelines

We have no formatting guidelines for blog submissions, but we generally prefer Word documents. Please note that by submitting a blog to the Dracula Chronicle the article may be edited and formatted by our Technical Editor in order to conform with other texts on our website.

Review and Publication

Blog submissions shall be reviewed by someone from our Editorial Board. We anticipate that the review process will take 1-2 weeks. Blog submissions shall be simply ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected.’

Formal feedback shall not be provided for any blog submissions. The Dracula Chronicle is happy to include links to academic profiles, academic works, and social media pages, where appropriate, at the request of the author.

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