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Dracula’s Night Raid on the Sultan’s Camp

“One of the most interesting episodes in the military history of the Ottomans” After crossing the Danube on 4 June, the Sultan proceeded northwards, in the direction of Târgoviște, the capital of Wallachia at that time. Before reaching it, Dracula’s night raid on the Sultan’s camp occurred on the night of June 16-17, 1462. One […]

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Dracula and the Turks: The Wars of 1461-1462, Video Presentation

The Brutal War between Vlad the Impaler the historical Dracula and the Turks in 1461-1462 The conflict between Dracula and the Turks in 1461-1462 was one of the key aspects of his principal reign as prince of Wallachia. This brief video provides an outline of the famous war Vlad the Impaler undertook to defend Christendom [...] Read More

Aspects of the Ottoman Campaign of 1462 against Vlad III Dracula by Kurt W. Treptow

The Ottoman Campaign against Vlad III Dracula The best documented part of Vlad III Dracula’s stormy reign as prince of Wallachia from 1456 to 1462 is his war against the Ottoman Turks which began late in 1461 and ended with the campaign against the rebellious prince, led by Sultan Mehmed II, in the summer of […]

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