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Vlad the Sad Prince: A Coloring Book for Adults

Posted by on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 in Dracula Literature

What happens when a comedy writer with a longtime fandom of vampire lore and history discovers that his birthday marks the same date as the unification of Romania? He makes a coloring book to celebrate! And not just any coloring book, but a Vlad the Impaler coloring book. But why is Vlad so sad? Vlad is a prince too busy to smile. There is so much work that must be done!

Sigh… Impalin’ ain’t easy

Inspired by the medieval German woodcuts that feature your favorite Wallachian Prince, “Sad Vlad” takes you through a brief narrative journey of the pains of monotony, the inherent self-exploration that follows, finding acceptance, and, of course, the joys of impaling. It wouldn’t be a very good Vlad book if it didn’t have impaling, now would it?

Page by page, as you color, you’ll walk with Sad Vlad as he tries to find the cause of his sadness. And as you page through, you may meet a few interesting characters from the past or modern times along the way that you may recognize. For comic effect, it is written in a children’s book style and voice, but please be warned that the imagery contains adult themes and gore. This coloring book is both for fans of Vlad the Impaler and tongue-in-cheek dark humor.

Vlad the Sad Prince Coloring Book

“This Work is Always the Same”

This coloring book is not for the light-hearted or the weak of stomach and it is not intended for children. We recommend pairing this book with a bottle of red wine and kebabs. And make sure to have plenty of red pencils or crayons handy!

You can purchase Vlad the Sad Prince on Etsy for $10 plus shipping and handling. And follow on Twitter! He needs friends.

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