20 September 1459 (6968), Bucharest

Vlad III Dracula, prince of Wallachia grants Andrei and his sons lands in Poiana of Stev and in Ponor, exempting them from taxes and special services. This is the first document known to have been issued in Bucharest.

By the grace of God, I Vlad, voievod and prince, son of the great Vlad voievod, ruler and lord of all Wallachia, and of Amlaș and Făgăraș, by my grace, willingly, with a pure hart, I have granted this most beautiful and honest gift, this deed by my authority, to Andrei and his sons to have as theirs Poiana of Stev, and of Iova, and of Drag, and of…, and to have the third of Ponor which used to belong to Sipin, and the third of Ponor and the estate of Petre of Ponor because they brought the third from Petre for 12 florins. And they gave to my court a horse.

And if one of them will die, the land will remain with the others, without any taxes. And again, to Andrei and his children over a fourth of Ponor.

All of this is to be their land and to be inherited by their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, without any taxes such as for sheep, pigs, water, and wine, or any special services, such as cutting hay, trees, etc., that is to say all services great and small. And no one should dare cause any trouble for them, no clerk or tax collector, and none of the boyars or servants of my realm, because whoever dares to harm them will be severely punished.

In addition, after my death, whoever the Lord god grants the throne of Wallachia, whether it be one of my sons or relatives, or for our sins, one of another family, if he will strengthen , protect, and renew this deed of mine, may God grant him His support; but if he will not renew and strengthen it and ruins and destroys it, let God destroy and kill him, in body in this world, and in spirit in the hereafter he will be in the company of Judas and of Cain, and of all the others to whom it was said: his blood be on them and on their children as it is and will be, forever and ever, Amen.

Witnesses: jupan Dragomir Țacal, jupan Voico Dobrița, jupan Stan vornic, jupan Stepan Turcul, jupan Oprea, jupan… and Bratul from Milcov, and Moldovean spătar, and Iova vistier, and …spătar, and Tocsaba stolnic, Stoica paharnic, Gherghina comis…

Written in the fortress of Bucharest on 20 September 1459 (6968).

I Vlad voievod, by the grace of God, Prince.

Source: Documenta Romaniae Historica, B. Țara Românească, Volumul I (1247-1500). București: Editura Academiei Republicii Socialiste România, 1966. Doc. 118, pp. 203-204.