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Submission requirements for THE DRACULA CHRONICLE:

• Short, well-written and high-quality original articles and book reviews related to basic issues related to Romanian and East European history, culture, and literature, as well as all things Dracula related. We ask that all content be original and not be published elsewhere, although we will consider reposting on a case-by-case basis as long as proper permissions are obtained. We encourage links and sharing of articles once they have been posted. THE DRACULA CHRONICLE often promotes submissions through social media, so please include your social media handles.

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• We request that articles generally range from 750-2500 words, and book reviews 500-1000 words. Longer feature-length academic articles will be considered. See our submission guidelines.

•  Please submit in a Word document along with any hi-res image files (including attribution) attached separately. All images must be in JPEG and at least 600 dpi. Notes should be formatted as end notes.

THE DRACULA CHRONICLE reserves the right to edit and adapt your articles and reviews as needed, particularly to fit our formatting or space constraints. Of course, we will work with you on any suggested changes or edits.

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