8 November 1476, Târgoviște

Vlad Dracula, Prince of Wallachia, to the officials of Brașov.

I Vlad, voievod and Prince. My Majesty writes to my faithful and good, sweet, and honest friends of My Majesty to the county and the councilors of Brașov. Herewith I give you news that I have overthrown our foe Laiotă, who fled to the Turks. Thus, God has given you a free path. Come with bread and goods, and you will eat, now that God has given us a single country. And all that the servant of My Majesty, jupan [Lord] Ratundul, tells you, you must believe, as they are the true words of My Majesty. They are no different. Written on 8 November at Târgoviște.

Source: Ioan Bogdan, ed., Documente privitoare la relațiile Țării Românești cu Brașovul și cu Țara Ungurească în sec. XV și XVI (București, 1905), pp. 97-98.

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