31 October 1448, Târgoviște

Vlad Dracula, prince of Wallachia, to the officials of Brașov.

We give you news that Mr. Nicolae from Ocna of Sibiu writes to us and asks us to be so kind as to come to him until John [Hunyadi], the Royal Governor of Hungary, returns from the war. We are unable to do this because an emissary from Nicopolis came to us this past Tuesday [29 October] and said with great certainty that Murad, the Turkish Sultan, made war for three days against John [Hunyadi] the Governor, and that on the last day he [Hunyadi] formed a circle with his caravan, then the Sultan himself went down among the janissaries and they attacked this caravan, broke through the lines, and defeated and killed them. If we come now to him, the Turks could come and kill both you and us. Therefore, we ask you to have patience until we see what has happened to John [Hunyadi]. We don’t even know if he is alive. If he returns from the war, we will meet him and we will make peace with him. But if you will be our enemies now, and if something happens, you will have sinned and you will have to answer for it before God. Written at Târgoviște the day before All Saints’ Day [31 October] in the year of our Lord 1448.

Vlad, voievod of Wallachia, your brother in all.

To the officials of Brașov, our most loved brothers and friends.


Source: Nicolae Iorga, Scrisori de boieri, scrisori de domni, 3rd ed. (Vălenii-de-Munte, 1931), pp. 160-161. Iorga mistakenly attributes this letter to Vladislav II.

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