17 November 1476, Târgoviște

Cârstian, pârcălab [governor] of Târgoviște, to the officials of Brașov.

To you my beloved friends, I give news that the fortress of Bucharest was won this past Saturday [16 November]. Therefore, I ask you to give praise to the Almighty God with organs, songs, and bells, as we have done in our country which is also yours. And you must know that the boyars of all the country have sworn allegiance to Vlad vodă [Dracula]. Also, I ask you to send to us two carpenters, and each of them must have three apprentices who can help them. And they will be given a sum of money and they will be treated well with food and drink; as a matter of fact, they will come only to Târgoviște to build a house. I have written this letter at the request of Vlad vodă and all of you must trust the messenger who brings this letter. Written at Târgoviște, the Sunday after this victory, in the year of our Lord 1476.

Cârstian, pârcălab [governor] of Târgoviște. Your faithful servant in all.

Source: Ioan Bogdan, ed., Documente privitoare la relațiile Țării Românești cu Brașovul și cu Țara Ungurească în sec. XV și XVI (București, 1905), pp. 357-358.



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