7 October 1476 (6985), Brașov

Vlad Dracula to the officials of Brașov.

With faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, I Vlad voievod, by the grace of God, Prince of all Wallachia, My Majesty gives this order to the honest, faithful, and good friends of My Majesty, to the county, to the twelve councilors, and to all other citizens of the great fortress of Brașov, and to all of my good friends in all of Bârsa County, great and small: that they should benefit according to the old settlement, as it was in earlier days, in the time of the great Mircea voievod, until the days of My Majesty’s father, the great Vlad voievod, and then also during my reign. In the same manner, My Majesty orders that from now on things will be according to the old settlement; that from now on the scale that was will no longer be in my country, but every man will be free and able to trade, to buy, and to sell without a scale. And again, regarding wax, My Majesty has allowed people to be free to buy in all the markets, regions, and places in my country, as it was in the old agreement, as well as during my reign, so it will be henceforth, as long as My Majesty is alive, they will be free to buy all that they need and want. And again, with regard to customs, as it was in the old settlement, and in the days of my former reign, so it will be now and henceforth, in the markets in my country, and in the customs houses in the countryside: they will pay fair customs, as they paid in the beginning and in the days of my reign, and no one should ever dare to establish higher customs taxes, neither the governors in the cities, nor the vornics [administrative officials for domestic affairs], nor the customs officials in the cities, or in the customs houses in the countryside, or at the Danube, nor anyone else among My Majesty’s high officials and servants. If anyone should not respect the old settlement and would take more than what is written in this decree of My Majesty, they will receive the wrath of My Majesty. It cannot be different, according to the order of My Majesty. Written on 7 October, in the great fortress of Brașov, in the year 1476 (6985).

Source: Ioan Bogdan, ed., Documente privitoare la relațiile Țării Românești cu Brașovul și cu Țara Ungurească în sec. XV și XVI (București, 1905), pp. 95-97.

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