1 April 1551 (7059), Bucharest

Mircea Ciobanul, Prince of Wallachia, confirms possession of the villages of Glodul and Hințea to the monastery of Govora (extract).

…In the time of Vlad voievod Țepeș there was a boyar called Albul cel Mare who took the above-mentioned villages [Glodul and Hințea] by force, and also devastated the holy monastery [Govora]. It remained so devastated until the time when the Lord God gave the throne to my father Radu voievod cel Bun, the son of Vlad voievod Călugarul [the document later describes the gifts bestowed to the monastery of Govora by Radu cel Bun]. In the days of Vlad voievod Țepeș, this boyar, Albul cel Mare, tried to take the throne from him, but Vlad voievod went with his army against him and caught him, together with his whole family. When Vlad Voievod saw the holy monastery devastated, he granted these villages, Glodul and Hințea, to it…

Source: Documente privind istoria României, veacul XVI, B. Țara Românească, vol. III (1551-1570). București: Editura Academiei Republicii Populare Române, 1952, p. 4.

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